Preparing for your Newborn Session

Hello and Welcome

Thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer. I am looking forward to creating wonderful memories with you and your family. please read through this information to ensure that your session runs smoothly

What to Expect

Newborn sessions last about 3 hours (Mini wrapped sessions are one hour). my studio will be very warm so please dress accordingly to be comfortable. I have water and soft drinks in the studio but feel free to bring anything else you might want. Keeping the studio warm ensures that your baby will be as comfy and sleepy as possible. I will also have white noise playing to help soothe.


The goal is to keep your baby as calm and relaxed as possible..


Day of Your Session

First and foremost don't stress!! all of my Babies cry, poop, pee, need extra time to eat, and sometimes need more time to settle in!


If you are local please feed/nurse right before leaving. Then be prepared to top off just a little when y'all get here. This will help keep baby full and hopefully, very sleepy. Try to keep baby awake as much as possible the morning of.. Sometimes a bath bath about an hour before hand will relax them and keep them awake. Afterwards dress baby in something that zips down the the middle. This will be easier to remove without as much distribution.


Please a pacifier, even if you are not using one yet. Some of the more difficult poses are much easier if baby has something to soothe themselves with. This is optional of course and we will work with whichever option you go with. I know breastfeeding mothers tend to wait longer and that is perfectly ok with me.



If you are formula feeding please bring a couple of extra bottles incase your baby gets hungry between setups.


If you are breast feeding please consider pumping/expressing a bottle of milk and bringing it with you. so that we can quickly get baby full and happy in between setups. Some babies will sleep majority of the session while others will want to eat more often than normal. If you are only breastfeeding and have never tried a bottle before, no worries, this one time should not cause any issues. The idea behind this is extremely important step is to get our little model in to a full and deep sleep.. However if this is something this is not possible don't stress.!! I have nursed both of my kids and completely understand. I also have a boppi pillow so that's one less thing you need to bring.

If you are breastfeeding please do not have coffee the morning of your session

Siblings and Family Pictures

With small siblings I like to do those pictures first, before we lose your toddlers attention. I know how short that can be and try to work as quickly as possible. After sibling pictures we will do family/parent pictures. After this dad/grandparents/ect is welcome to take the older kids and leave. since my studio is a home studio, I do have a playroom that is right next to my studio that your children are welcome to use. My girls are 7 and 9 so there are plenty of things to play with.


For families with no siblings or older sibling we will do those images at the end of the session. feel free to use this time to finish getting ready and fix your hair or put on makeup. If you have older siblings, they can be brought towards the end of the session if you would like. If not, tablets or other electronics work great to keep them entertained. Typically babies are happier at the beginning of the session and will do the more difficult poses easier. After a while they can become tired of being touched and moved. at this time we would do the family portion where your baby will be wrapped/swaddled. Typically this calms them right back down.

Studio Address:

276 Chet Ave

Fairhope, AL 36532

My house is the one that faces the lake with a large front porch. Our mailbox is across the street and sometimes GPS doesn't always get it right. Feel free to park in the driveway.

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